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Reading Glasses

Ready-made reading glasses are the type of glasses that are usually bought when people experience eye fatigue or blurred close-up vision, but no other vision problems. These types of glasses are the most frequent store-bought glasses. They have magnifying lenses that are offered in different strengths. Reading glasses can be purchased as prescribed and non-prescribed versions. Reading glasses usually have single vision lenses, and they are generally only used to correct close-up vision. They are ready-made glasses that are mostly suitable for everyone, except if you have astigmatism or any other type of vision problem where you cannot see the objects clearly in the distance. Reading glasses are generally produced as one-size and usually don’t have progressive, or multifocal, lens options.

When choosing a reading glasses, you might want to consider:

  • Lens type you will need (single, multifocal)
  • Frame type you would like to wear
  • Lens material
  • Comfort of the frames
  • Lens coating options