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Frame Sizes

Size matters

Size Matters.


Your glasses 'fit' is important for comfort and good vision. Too small and they'll pinch, too big and they won't stay put. Your lenses have an optical centre which should be placed directly over your pupil. It's best for your vision when your eye sits right in the middle of your lenses, and this is achieved by getting your frame size right.

To find your size, check the temples of your current glasses

Already got a pair of glasses? On most non-Dresden frames, you will find universal measurements are often placed on the temples (arms) of your frames - even on sunglasses. Check these measurements on your current frames and jot them down. It's usually three numbers with a space between - just like in this diagram to the right -

To find your size, check the temples of your current glasses
First pair of glasses?

First Pair of glasses?

Print our size guide here to compare our four sizes - Most adults fit medium, small or large (in that order), and most kids under 6 fit extra small.

How we chose our frame shape

When designing our glasses frames ‘system’, we asked industrial design specialists Vert to research face shapes and sizes, and test frame styles via 3D-printed prototypes. Family, friends, neighbours and strangers were all included in trialling shapes and sizes. The overwhelming favourite was the classic style that has become the Dresden universal frame.