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Measure your pupil distance

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Pupil distance (PD) measures the space between the pupils of your eyes. Knowing this measurement is important to make sure your eyes match up with the optical centre of your lenses. For adults, this measurement will be the same, even if your prescription changes.

So once you know your PD, that’s you sorted.

If your PD measurement is not on your prescription, it will most likely have been recorded at the time of your eye exam. Contact the optometrist who did the exam to request it.

Face a mirror or a friend

If your vision is adequate, face a mirror about an ARM’S LENGTH away. If not, have a friend face you. Close your RIGHT eye and align the ruler’s zero to the centre of your LEFT pupil.

Close your left eye

Now open BOTH eyes (keeping the ruler in position), then close your LEFT eye.

Look straight ahead into the mirror or your friend’s LEFT eye (this is important). Read the millimetre line that matches up with the centre of your RIGHT pupil. This number is your PD.

Finding it tricky?

If it’s difficult to get a fix on the centre of your pupil, you can measure your PD using the outer edge of your pupils. Just make sure you choose the same side for both pupils!

Repeat a few times

Repeat this process a few times to get an accurate measurement.