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    Health Funds

Health Funds

The Basics

We accept all major insurance providers and make the claiming process simple. When you buy your glasses or contact lenses in-store or by phone, for most insurers, we will direct bill your claim instantly at time of purchase. For providers who we cannot direct-bill and for online orders, we will provide you a detailed invoice that includes all relevant information for you to claim through your provider.

Government Coverage

For eye exams that are covered by the government such as OHIP, simply bring in your health card and ensure that you haven’t had an eye exam covered by OHIP in the past year. Regarding other government programs such as ODSP, Indigenous Affairs or Ontario Works, please bring in the necessary paperwork prior to receiving your eye exams, prescription glasses and/or contact lenses.

Easy Claiming Process

For private insurance, it’s always best to check your coverage before coming to Dresden as insurance coverages and plans vary widely. When you bring your insurance card or insurance details, in most cases, we can direct-bill your insurer directly for all or part of your eye exam, prescription glasses and/or contact lenses. If your insurer does not accept direct-billing, we always provide a detailed receipt enabling you to submit the receipt for reimbursement from your insurer.


When you purchase prescription glasses or contact lenses we will provide a detailed receipt so you can then claim your directly through your provider.

Over the phone

For most health insurance providers, we will process your claim instantly, over the phone at time or purchase. For insurers that do not provide direct billing, we will provide a detailed receipt so you can claim directly through your provider.

How much can I claim?

This depends on your insurer. Some providers offer a percentage discount, while most will be a set amount anywhere between $100 – $500. Most policies are based on the calendar year with benefits not rolling over, and reseting on the 1st of January each year. Others will be based on the financial year or on the anniversary of your sign-up date. You can visit us in-store with your insurance card and our team can help, or contact your provider to find out your policy details.