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SALE: Grab any set of arms for $20 (was $30). Ltd time only.

Interchangeable modular parts with unlimited possibilities. Try the mullet (business at the front, party at the back), support your local team with pride or just get matchy-matchy with your outfit - the choice is yours.

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Can I replace the arms of my glasses?

Damaged arms may be corrected or replaced by specialists to give you a brand-new feel to your glasses. Though, with Dresden glasses, you can do all of this by yourself, easily, at home.

Can I purchase spare parts for my glasses?

Yes, you may buy spare arms for your glasses which you can easily replace at home. This replacement doesn't have to only be when your arms are damaged, but also for when you want to switch out your look and add some colour to your glasses.

What are glasses arms called?

The two long, slender portions of your spectacles that join at the hinge and extend back to rest over your ears are known as the temples or arms. They hold your glasses in a comfortable position while you go about your day.