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  • Full range of optometry services.
  • Glasses made on the spot when possible.
  • Specialisation in dry eye
  • Visual fields tests.
  • Bring your own frames. We can fit anything.

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Same-day glasses

Watch and learn as we cut your lenses and assemble your frames in-store just for you. If you’re buying standard single vision lenses you can walk out with your new pair of glasses right then and there!


In-store or online

If you’ve bought glasses or contacts from us before and your prescription doesn’t need updating, we have all of your details already. Please feel free to shop online for the same great glasses and service.


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@ Dresden Potts Point

Siva Govender

Optometrist – BOptom, MS, OD

I’ve practised optometry in Sydney for 20 years. I’m from South Africa and earned a Bachelor of Optometry there completing postgraduate degrees in Houston, USA. I then taught clinical optometry and was involved in research in Houston, Auckland and Sydney. I’ve also worked with Vision Australia and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT as a consultant low vision optometrist. When I came across Dresden, in 2016, I was intrigued by its vision of ethical, affordable and versatile eyewear. I love being part of this culture.

Languages spoken: Basic AfrikaansZulu and Tamil

Carina Trinh

Optometrist – BOptom(Hons) BSc

I’m a therapeutically registered optometrist and have a passion for the myopia epidemic, contact lenses, and dry eye management. I offer orthokeratology (Martin Place), MiSight, distance centre multifocal contact lenses, as well as glasses options to reduce myopia progression. I move between our two stores in the heart of Sydney city, which is quite a change after practicing in Nepal and throughout Australia, providing eye care in rural, remote, and suburban areas – including outreach clinics and Aboriginal communities. I keep very active and involved in the field, and am currently Senior Vice President for Optometry NSW/ACT.

Languages spoken: TeoChew (basic)