Prescription glasses prices really shouldn’t be so high. But somehow, we end up paying ridiculous prices. At Dresden, we believe the highest standard of optical quality shouldn’t be expensive – it should be the norm, and accessible to everyone, not just those with deep pockets.

All prices are for a complete set of glasses: that is, Dresden frames with precision German-designed lenses.

We’re open about our prices because we have nothing to hide. We like to think of it as glasses made transparent.

Prescription glasses

Stock lenses

With one prescription power
e.g. just for seeing up close OR for seeing in the distance

Standard lens glasses: $75

  • 1.5 index
  • Anti-scratch or anti-reflective coating
  • Prescription range SPH -4 to +4, CYL -2 to 0.

Thin lens glasses: $125

1.6 index with anti-reflective coating

Thinner lens glasses: $175

1.67 index with anti-reflective coating

Multifocal glasses

Multifocal lenses with distance, intermediate and reading vision.
At present we can sell these online to existing customers.

Standard multifocals: $250

1.5 index. Add $25 for blue filter.

Thin multifocals: $300

1.6 index. Add $25 for blue filter.

Thinner multifocals: $350

1.67 index. Add $25 for blue filter.

Photochromatic multifocals: $350 – $525

With blue filter option. Graduated tint and mirror also available.

Customised grind

For strong prescriptions

$150 Standard 1.5 index
$200 Thin 1.6 index
$250 Thinner 1.67 index
$325 Thinnest 1.74 index

$175-$400 1.5-1.67 index sunglasses
Solid or graduated tint, mirror, polarised, photochromatic (with blue filter option) available

Prescription sunnies

Anti-scratch on OUTSIDE of lens, anti-reflective on
INSIDE of lens, 100% UV protection & high glare reduction

Standard: 1.5 index $100
Reading or distance lenses, prescription range SPH -4 to +4, CYL -2 to 0.

Thin: 1.6 index $150
Sphere -4 to +6, Combined to -6, CYL -2 to

Prescription sunnies for strong prescriptions

Multifocal sunglasses
$275–$450 Standard, Thin or Ultra Thin lenses

Polarised or Photochromatic multifocals
$325–$500 Standard, Thin and Ultra Thin lenses

Non-prescription glasses

Sunnies $50

Polarised sunnies $50

Anti-scratch with 100% UV protection & high glare reduction

Blue light blocking glasses $50

Available for adults and children in our four frame sizes – XS, S, M & L.