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  • Full range of optometry services.
  • Glasses made on the spot when possible.
  • Visual fields tests.
  • Bring your own frames. We can fit anything.

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Watch and learn as we cut your lenses and assemble your frames in-store just for you. If you’re buying standard single vision lenses you can walk out with your new pair of glasses right then and there!


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If you’ve bought glasses or contacts from us before and your prescription doesn’t need updating, we have all of your details already. Please feel free to shop online for the same great glasses and service.


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@ Dresden Newtown

Jonathan Sykes

Optometrist – BSc(Hons) MCOptom GradCertOcTher

I graduated with honours from the University of Wales in 1986, and have been a member of the College of Optometrists since 1988. I’m therapeutically registered in the treatment of anterior eye conditions and glaucoma, and my optometry career has taken me to Europe, Africa and now Australia. As a clinic supervisor at UNSW I specialise in low vision rehabilitation and Aboriginal eyecare. I am the inventor of [WolfChart](http://wolfchart.info/), an open source eyechart that works in an internet browser. All of our Dresden practices use it, plus it is in use by community orthoptists, researchers at the George Institute, and even in a Hebrew version in Israel. Community involvement is important to me and so is sustainability – so Dresden is a great fit. As a home brewer, I love wearing frames that are made from recycled beer keg caps!

Languages spoken:

Peter Herse

Optometrist – DipAppSc(Optom) PhD FAAO GradCertOcTher

After a few years as an optometrist in Queensland and Kenya, I wanted to know more about eyes and completed a PhD in the US. I became an academic and taught optometry in universities in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia (UNSW) for 20 years. I have now returned to clinical practice and greatly enjoy helping people see better. I strongly believe in “giving back” and have contributed as an low vision optometrist at Vision Australia, Director of the Macular Degeneration Foundation and Councillor of Optometry Australia. I live close to Newtown, and it’s great working with Dresden in helping our community.

Languages spoken:

Jane Le

Optometrist – BOptom(Hons) GradCertOcTher

I’m a therapeutically registered optometrist and have worked in a variety of practices across Australia for 12 years. I believe everyone should have access to quality eye care, and I’ve been part of volunteer missions in El Salvador, Mexico and Bolivia. I have a special interest in contact lenses and treatment of anterior eye conditions. Working for an innovative, altruistic company like Dresden has let me focus on my favourite part of being an optometrist – providing the best solution for patients’ eye health.

Languages spoken: Vietnamese (fluent)Spanish (basic)