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Mix and match your frames with a world of colour!!

Interchangeable modular parts with unlimited possibilities. Try the mullet (business at the front, party at the back), support your local team with pride or just get matchy-matchy with your outfit - the choice is yours.

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What are the Modular Parts?

Glasses are made from different materials, and they include some modular parts. Some glasses are more complicated and have many different pieces. As glasses have an important role in our everyday life’s, their production is equally important to provide us with the best quality.

Dresden produces glasses with simple modular parts to increase the effectiveness. Dresden is entirely modular and doesn’t require complex tools to combine the frame parts; you only need a couple of seconds to set up your glasses! Our frames are made from durable materials with only three components: Frames, Arms and Pins. The frames fit all shapes and sizes, and you can easily switch the components to mix and match the colours according to your mood.

The Importance of Modular Parts

It is important to keep the design as simple as possible. That is where the importance of modular parts in the glasses comes in and gives you an extraordinary glass wearing experience.


Dresden glasses arms are interchangeable with unlimited options. These modular parts are easy to switch, and arms have many colour options to choose from, you can also create your own style by using different colours in each of your arms. The arms have their own sizes, if you don’t know what size you can come and visit our shops in Australia and Canada to easily define your arm size with the help of our professional team.


The eyewear industry has many different glass shapes and colours. We just wanted to make a different entrance to the scene. For that reason, our design only consists of a single frame shape. We know that it’s very bold and brave to find a space in the industry with only one shape, but we did it! As this one and only frame shape is very versatile and it’s easy to interchange your lenses to a different colour frame!

Our range of amazing glasses are simple and are made from a recyclable nylon material which is also ultra-durable. Try to break it, it won’t break easily! They are also very lightweight so comfortable to wear.

Dresden also cares about sustainability, so we are recycling our frames and modular parts.

Besides offering good vision, the fit of the glasses to your face is also very important. For that reason, we have different sizes. If you have your glasses too small, they will pinch, if they are too big, they won’t stay stable on your face. It is also important for you lenses too. Your lenses need to be in the Centre, and they need to be placed over your pupil for the best vision.


Dresden glasses have a very simple design - the hint is in our slogan “Glasses made simple”. The simplicity comes from our pin, arm, and frame combinations. We only have 3 parts in our glasses, excluding the lenses. Our aim is to simplify the process of changing the style of your glasses whenever and wherever you want to.

We have small pins; they connect the arms and frames together just like a bridge. They are small but durable. You can easily take them off and switch into a new colour of pin or frame and arms!

Mix and Match: Find Your Combination

There are many colours in the world. We just wanted to give you an option where you can create your own combination by producing different colour options. We still have colour options missing but our team is working hard to produce the best colours to make sure YOU create the best combinations.

At Dresden, we have a thing for mix and match combinations, we just love them. We love to see every mood and different colours of Dresden on different faces. You might change the colour of your arms, or pins or maybe the frames. It’s up to you So how about mixing and matching your style to match your mood!