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Blue Light Filter Glasses

Reduce digital eye-strain with blue light filter glasses.

Help improve your sleep and general well-being by filtering out artificial blue light emitted from devices and screens - $75 for a complete set including anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating.

Blue Light Filter Glasses
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What is Blue Light?

Blue light is short wavelength and part of the visible light spectrum like UV. As a short wavelength, blue light produces a high volume of energy that can be discharged from different light sources, including the sun. Although the eye is equipped with different structures to protect itself from other lights, your retina is light-sensitive and can be damaged by UV rays, for example.

Your cornea and lens protect the retina, it isn't equipped with structures that protect your retina from blue light. If you are faced with lots of blue light, it may damage your retina. Unfortunately, devices that emit blue light are all around us, it is everywhere. Digital screens contain a significant amount of blue light,

Blue light glasses are also known as blue light blocking glasses. They are the type of glasses that are designed to lower the level of blue light that reaches your eyes. The lenses are specifically designed for blue light to prevent your eye from facing an excessive amount of blue light and prevent potential damage. Dresden Vision has prescribed and non-prescribed blue light glasses in various colours for all genders. You can select your frame and arm colour and get your blue light glasses ready to mix and match your mood!

The Advantages of Blue Light Glasses

Just like the other types of glasses, blue light glasses also have their advantages to take into consideration. Nowadays, most people have started thinking about the effects of blue light and looking for solutions to prevent eye conditions. While blue light is on-trend now, in reality, this topic has been in our lives for many years.

Most people face the blue light while socializing or at work and constantly check their screens for hours. Spending most of the time on the screens, outside, and in places with LED lights. Healthcare specialists frequently advise you to wear blue light glasses to protect your eyes from blue light’s potential effects.

5 Simple Reasons to Wear Blue Light Glasses

Even if your eyes haven't been affected by blue light yet, it doesn't mean they will never be affected by it. For that reason, we've listed some reasons for you to wear blue light glasses during your everyday life:

1- For a better sleep

Spending hours on a screen would make your eyes tired, just like spending long hours in the sunlight. The reason for this fatigue is the short wavelengths.Did you know that they delay the release of melatonin, also known as the sleep-inducing hormone?

The release of the melatonin usually starts a couple of hours before bedtime. Looking at screens might delay melatonin release and make it harder to fall asleep immediately.

If you are used to checking screens before going to sleep, wearing blue light glasses may help you to sleep better.

2- Less eye strain

While constantly looking at screens, your eye muscles might strain, and you may suffer from sore eyes. Blue light glasses help reduce eye strain by adjusting your eye muscles.

Blue light might be the reason for focusing problems as it makes your eyes uncomfortable and cause your eyes to strain. On the contrary, blue light glasses help increase the contrast on your screen to create your focusing process easier while also reducing eye strain.

3- Fewer headaches

Just like the other light types, blue light might also trigger migraines and different kinds of headaches. While wearing glasses might reduce headaches, special glasses like blue light glasses may reduce migraine and other headaches more than usual glasses.

4- Reduced risk of eye diseases

Even though your cornea and eye lenses are blocking harmful UV light from reaching your retina, they are not good enough to block all harmful lights, like blue light. In some cases, retina damage might increase the risk of developing several eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

If blue light penetrates your retina, you may feel symptoms similar to macular degeneration and develop cataracts. To prevent such consequences, the professionals strongly advise wearing blue light glasses.

5- Working with devices

Stepping away from your screens is the easiest solution to prevent blue light. But it is not easy to stay away from devices, especially if we have to work on the screens. As this prevention is not always possible, wearing blue light glasses might help you block blue light exposure.

Advantages of Using Blue Light Glasses

  • Adequate protection against eye fatigue
  • Improvement in daily well-being
  • Reducing the risks of eye diseases

Non-Prescription Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are offered both as prescribed and non-prescribed options. Some people might consider blue light glasses only to protect themselves from blue light, while others might have vision problems. In Dresden Vision, you may find non-prescribed and prescribed blue light glasses. You can choose your frame and arm combination without needing a prescription.

What is blue light?

Like UV, blue light has a short wavelength and is a component of the visible light spectrum. Blue light has a short wavelength and a high energy output that may be released from a variety of light sources, including the sun. Your retina is light-sensitive and can be harmed by light, such as UV rays, even if the eye is fitted with various mechanisms to protect itself from other lights.

The retina is protected by your cornea and lens; it lacks any structures that might shield it from blue light. Your retina might be harmed if you are exposed to a lot of blue light. Sadly, blue light-emitting gadgets are all over the place. There is a substantial quantity of blue light emitted from digital screens.

Blue light-blocking glasses are another name for blue light glasses. These are the kind of eyewear made to reduce the amount of blue light that enters your eyes. The lenses are made expressly to block out blue light, protecting your eyes from any harm and preventing overexposure. Blue light glasses are available from Dresden Vision for both prescription and non-prescription wearers in a variety of colours. Your blue light glasses may be customised to fit your mood by choosing your frame and arm colour.

The advantages of blue light glasses

Blue light glasses offer benefits to take into account, just like other types of glasses do. The majority of people nowadays are beginning to consider the consequences of blue light and search for ways to prevent eye disorders. Although blue light is currently popular, this issue has been on our minds for a long time.

Most individuals spend hours checking their devices whether in social situations or at work while exposed to blue light, spending most of their time outside, in LED-lit areas, and in front of displays. In order to shield your eyes from the harmful impacts of blue light, healthcare professionals commonly advise wearing blue light glasses.

5 simple reasons to wear blue light glasses

Even though you may not feel the impact blue light has had on your eyes, it doesn't mean you won't in the future. We've outlined a few reasons below for why you ought to use blue light protection in your daily life:

For better sleep

The same as spending extended periods of time in the sun, staring at a screen for hours will weary your eyes. The short wavelengths are to blame for this exhaustion. Did you know that they postpone the melatonin (commonly known as the hormone that induces sleep) release?

Typically, melatonin begins to be released a few hours before night. It could be more difficult to fall asleep quickly and melatonin production may be delayed when looking at screens.

Using blue light-blocking glasses may improve your ability to fall asleep if you are accustomed to monitoring screens before bed.

Less eye strain

Your eye muscles might become strained from staring at screens all day, and you could develop eye soreness. By changing the muscles in your eyes, blue light glasses can aid with eye strain.

Because blue light makes your eyes unpleasant and causes eye strain, it might be the source of your inability to focus. Contrarily, blue light glasses work to boost the contrast on your screen, making it simpler for you to focus while also lessening eye strain.

Fewer headaches

Similar to other light types, blue light can also cause various sorts of headaches, including migraines. While wearing glasses may help with headache reduction, specialised eyewear such as blue light glasses may help with migraine and other headache reduction more than regular eyewear.

Reduced risk of eye disease

While your cornea and eye lenses prevent damaging UV radiation from reaching your retina, they are not effective enough to stop all dangerous lights, such as blue light. Damage to the retina may occasionally make it more likely for someone to acquire certain eye conditions, including macular degeneration.

You could have macular degeneration-like symptoms and develop cataracts if blue light enters your retina. Professionals highly advocate using blue light glasses to avoid such complications.

Working with devices

The simplest approach to avoid blue light is to put down your devices. But, it might be difficult to put down our smartphones, especially if we need to use them for work. Using blue light glasses may help you reduce exposure to blue light although this protection is not always attainable.

Advantages of blue light glasses

Adequate protection against eye fatigue

Improvement in daily well-being

Reducing the risks of eye diseases

Non-prescription blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are available both with a prescription and without one. Blue light protection may be the only reason some individuals consider using blue light glasses; others may experience eyesight issues. You may get both non-prescription and prescription blue light glasses from Dresden Vision. You may select your frame and arm configuration without a prescription.