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Closing the loop

100% post-consumer recycled glasses frames, made from shampoo bottles

Together with Sustainable Salons, we have created a closed loop recycled product, turning used shampoo bottles into glasses frames. From single-use items to durable, recycled and recyclable frames. It's a dream come true!

The Shampoo Collection
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Finding the right partner

Sustainable Salons are the dream partner for this project. The recycling industry is geared towards extremely high volumes it can be difficult to get started. Additionally, it's difficult to find a feedstock that is readily available at a high quality for manufacturing. Working together with Sustainable Salons, we were able to find a sustainable source of high quality, durable plastics.

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Fine tuning for durability

There was a lot fine tuning that we had to do. It was quite challenging making a frame that is sturdy enough to be used in every day life in any situation. A specific example would be the shrinkage. Every plastic has a certain shrinkage to it, in order for us to make it work in our application and ensure the interchangeability throughout the rest of our products we had to find an additive to control the shrinkage. And luckily we found talc which is a mineral based substance that did the job perfectly.


A new wave of innovation

Today consumers weigh many factors when choosing which products to buy and sustainability has become one of the most important. We welcome this new change and the challenge it poses for businesses to be positive contributors to the environment and their communities.

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