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A little extra love for your specs is easy done with our range of colourful cases, cleaning gear and other eye-care products.

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  1. Accessories

What are the Main Accessories for Glasses?

Glasses have many accessories complementing each other. Many brands have a variety of different accessories, creating a fantastic look for you. There are many accessories that you can choose from, here are a few we have at Dresden: felt cases, frames, arms, and pins. They all add a breath of fresh air to your look!

Different accessories can help create a different style or “look” At Dresden, we live in a colourful world, so when it comes to our accessories, we have multiple of colour options for you to choose from. All you need to do is mix and match colours with your mood! Easily switch your frames, arms, and pins and to protect your glasses from harm, use our colourful felt cases!

The Accessory Part of Glasses

Accessories are the greatest way to bring your glasses experience to the next level. Dresden has this simple design with a one-shape frame to suit all face types, small pins to gather all your frame pieces, and different-sized arms to fit. The best experience comes with the best accessories!


Dresden has easily switchable arms with various colour options. And an array of more colour options coming soon to our range! You can easily swap your colourful arms to combine them with your outfits and mood. Always feel free to check our online catalogue or in our store for the updated colour variations.

To know your arm size, you can always ask for help from our amazing Dresden eyecare specialists in both of our locations in Canada and Australia.


Sometimes being bold and brave is risky, but it’s worth it! Dresden has only one frame shape and we are certain that this shape is designed for all face shapes, age, and gender!! Our frames are very versatile, and they are extremely hard to break. Durable, affordable, sustainable and colourful with different size options… What more could you ask for? Swap up your frames to mix and match your style!


We have small pins; they connect the arms and frames together just like a bridge. They are small but durable. You can easily change them for a different colour!

Our pins are quite small and simple to attach. Even though they are small, they are doing a very big Job as not only are they durable they are essential for connecting the arms and frames together and fit your face perfectly.

Felt Cases

At Dresden, we have amazingly designed 100% wool felt cases to really protect your glasses from any scratch or harm. With many colours to choose from you can always match your felt case with your frames, arms, or pins! These felt cases are easy to carry and may add a new vibe to your daily style. Feel free to stop by our shops online or visit us in store l to explore all the colour options available!

Lens Sprays & Wipes

Besides adding a new style, it is also important to care for your glasses too. For that reason, we wanted to give you the best tools to look after your glasses properly. Cleaning your lenses gives you better clarity and looks after the lenses, preventing scratche, giving you a much better spectacle experience.

Even though we have a 10-year warranty, it’s also important to show a little love to your beautiful glasses. Wipe up your lenses to see a clearer and a brighter world!