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  1. Recycled Money

Prescription Glasses - Recycled Money

, including prescription lenses
Frame, Recycled Money
Recycled Money
Denim Blue
Bloody Mary
Olive Oil
Oat Milk
Shampoo Collection Black
Clear Frost
Daffodil Yellow
Power Pink
Raspberry Cordial
Forest Green
Dark Chocolate
Royal Purple
Pink Lemonade
Sky Blue
Slate Grey
Sepia Brown
Midnight Blue
Azure Blue
Frame Size

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Made of Money (literally)

Dresden frames are manufactured using 100% recyclable or recycled materials, with low CO2 emissions. Made in Australia means high quality, with ethical production standards guaranteed. Reject fast fashion with one universal, customisable design and modular spare parts. Dresden frames come with a 10 year warranty, no questions asked. You break them, we’ll replace them.

ten year warranty

10 Year Warranty

ten year warranty


ten year warranty

Made in Australia

ten year warranty

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