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  1. Proclear Multifocal XR Monthly - 6 pack
Proclear Multifocal XR Monthly

Proclear Multifocal XR Monthly - 6 pack

$159, 6 lenses per box, monthly, multifocal
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Due to supply chain challenges, these lenses require a minimum 2 to 4 weeks shipping time. For urgent needs, contact us at or call (02) 5300 3003 for suitable alternatives.
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A wide range of parameters for a wide range of presbyopic patients Proclear multifocal contact lenses are designed to address two common conditions experienced by patients with aging eyes: presbyopia and eye dryness. The lenses utlise PC Technology. PC stands for phosphorylcholine, which contains molecules that are hydrophilic and biocompatible with the human body. Thanks to PC Technology, Proclear multifocal will hold water for longer periods of time and have less surface evaporation. PC Technology also attracts and binds water to the lens surface - and a shield is created that keeps the lenses clean and functioning properly. It all means that Proclear multifocal remains hydrated, which helps the lenses feel moist and comfortable all day long. If you require a higher range of powers, they can still enjoy the benefits of Proclear multifocal with our Proclear multifocal XR contact lenses - with sphere powers up to ±20.00 and ADD powers up to 4.00.