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Fortnightly Contact Lenses

Great for special occasions, sports or everyday. Give contacts a go.

These little beauties can change your life. We’re making contacts easy with a selected range of your favourite contact lens brands. Daily, monthly and multifocal varieties available.

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What are fortnightly contact lenses?

Fortnightly contact lenses are the same as monthly or daily contact lenses, they are disposable contact lenses that you dispose of after wearing them for 2 weeks. These contact lenses are made to be used during the day, users will put them in their eyes in the morning and depending on the recommended usage hour, the user will take the lenses off in the evening and put them into a lens solution for them to be soaked overnight. After 14 days of wearing the lenses, they should be disposed of and replaced with a new pair. Opticians also note that although these are made to be worn for 14 days, they are not recommended to be worn over a longer period of time for 14 days in total - this means that once users open the packaging that the lenses originally come in, they should only be worn for 14 days post this day. This is because the lenses begin to form blurry lines around the outer edges. The reason why some people choose to wear fortnightly contact lenses over dailies or monthlies is that it is an in-between of both of these options in terms of their benefits - they are almost as safe as the dailies and hygienic, while still being an affordable option like the monthly contact lenses. Daily contact lenses are the most hygienic option for contact lenses, when you wear the lenses they form a build-up of dirt and dust, the daily disposal of these lenses makes sure that this dust is thrown out and there is no chance of build-up having any contact with your eye. When you use monthly contact lenses, it is crucial that you make sure that the cleaning process is done very carefully and with complete attention, especially because it is being used over such a long amount of time. When taking out your lenses, make sure that you have clean and dry hands, Pick out your lenses and first soak them in your palm with contact lenses solution and give them a gentle rub to make sure that the lenses are being cleaned of the build-up. Those who prefer to use fortnightly contact lenses have less to worry about in terms of the cleanliness of the lenses, there is a smaller amount of time between the exchange to new pairs so, therefore, less dirt is built up which makes them more convenient to take care of as you don't have to worry about it as much as the monthly contact lenses. Another factor for users of contact lenses to opt for monthly contact lenses are because they are a cheaper option, fortnightly contact lenses are also a much more affordable option that you can consider when purchasing contact lenses.