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Daily Contact Lenses

Great for special occasions, sports or everyday. Give contacts a go.

These little beauties can change your life. We’re making contacts easy with a selected range of your favourite contact lens brands. Daily, monthly and multifocal varieties available.

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We’re making contacts easyGive contacts a go, they just might change your life.
Choose from a wide range at competitive prices.

What are daily contact lenses

Daily contact lenses are contact lenses which you can dispose of after each use, they are used daily. The most preferred factor of daily contact lenses is that you never have to clean your contact lenses , changing out your lenses each day means that you will have a fresh new pair without worrying about having to maintain them. They are also more comfortable, fresh lenses are more gentle on the eyes and contain wetting agents that help protect your eyes. Daily contact lenses are also more convenient, you have the option to switch between contacts and glasses and is a great option for people with busy schedules. Daily contact lenses are also considered to be better for your eye health, new pair of lenses each day means that there is less time for bacteria and allergy-causing deposits to build up on your lenses which means less risk of infections.

Is it okay to wear your daily contact lenses every day

Those who reuse daily disposable contacts run the risk of painful and dangerous consequences because they are intended to be discarded after each and every usage. Daily contacts are more delicate, thinner, and less water-resistant than other contacts. So the answer is no. Using daily disposable contacts more than once is not advised. But, everyday extended-use lenses can be worn again without risk for up to a month (or however long your optometrist recommends).

Is daily contact lenses the healthiest option

Daily contact lenses are always going to be considered to be the most healthy option in terms of ocular health, this is because you are not potentially re-exposing yourself to bacteria, and you are also not having a contact lens that has been partially degraded, like being put back into your eye. This is why it is considered to be a healthier option. However, some people, who don't mind cleaning their contact lenses prefer to go for the monthly option as they come in a wider range of contact lens technologies and are made from a better material, hence why they can last so long.