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Lens Sprays & Wipes

Keep your lenses crystal clear and fog-free with our sprays and anti-fog spray and wipe products.

Lens Sprays & Wipes
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Is it better to clean your glasses with spray or wipes?

An efficient and relatively easy substitute for sprays and microfiber cleaning cloths are pre-moistened wipes. They will aid in surface sanitization and are yet soft enough to safely clean your lenses and frames. You may also use a spray from time to time in order to release the grease buildup on your glasses with the aid of wipes.

Why is microfibre cloths not enough to clean your glasses

Microfibre cloths are a really useful tool when cleaning your glasses, however, if your glasses lens is really dirty - this method on its own will only move around the grease on your lens and not fully clean your glasses lens. Microfibre cloths are a great aid with a lens spray, if you use the lens spray with the microfibre cloth then you can achieve a completely clean look. When a microfibre cloth is used on its own, it can damage the top layer of your glasses lens over time.

What is the best thing to clean eyeglasses with

As research shows, the most effective method for cleaning glasses is using dishwashing soap and warm water. Though these may not always be on hand and you may need to be able to clean your glasses on the go. In this case, using lens spray and or wipes will also help clean your glasses. You can either use a lens spray with a microfibre cloth, not your clothes or tissues as these have fibres which can damage and scratch your lens, or wipe down your glasses with a glasses cleaner wipe. These are practical options for when you are on the go and need a quick solution. Lens spray and wipes should always be on hand for users of glasses for ultimate glasses care.