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Pin Garages

They’re only little but they make a huge difference!! Be bold, never boring - with a set of 10 colourful pins to mix and match your look. These clever little pins are a big part of why our glasses are so durable, they come with a 10 year warranty. No metal hinges make our frames almost unbreakable, and also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pin Garages
  1. Pin Garages

What Are Pins?

At Dresden, we have designed a small, almost screw-like, pin. The purpose of this pin is to create an attachment between the frame and the arms which are interchangeable. Our pins are made from recycled and recyclable materials, meaning that they are environmentally friendly but also super strong! They can be removed easily, and changed - you may choose from the variety of colours that we offer here at Dresden.

What Can Pins Be Used For?

The main aim of our pins is to create a bridge between the frame and the arm of your glasses. They are built to be super durable and last you, this is why our glasses come with a 10-year warranty! You can use the pin to hold together your glasses, and they come in a dozen of colours!

But of course, nothing is ever boring here at Dresden, we had to add some funk even in the smallest of details. You can use the pins of your glasses to add a touch of colour to your glasses and really amplify your style! You can mix and match a variety of colours in order to create a unique style of glasses for yourself that really show off your personality.

What Are Pins Made Out Of?

They're tiny, but have a huge impact!! They come in a pack of 10 vibrant pins to mix and match your appearance, be daring and never boring. Our pins also come with a have a 10-year guarantee, and include no metal hinges which helps to reduce CO2 emissions.