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Felt Cases

Protect your specs in a case so colourful you’ll never lose them again! Hand sewn in Sydney, and made from high quality Australian and New Zealand wool felt. Cleverly designed to hold your glasses snug, with room for your lens cloth at the base.

Felt Cases
  1. Felt Cases

What is the purpose of the glasses case?

Your glasses or other valuables may be transported and protected in the felt case of your glasses. Your eyeglasses, sunglasses, or other goods will fit inside the soft material, taking up the least amount of room possible, which makes it practical to use as you can carry it around with you with no hassle.

Are glasses cases necessary?

Scratches on your glasses lens can really affect the clarity of your vision. While not being worn on your face, you should store your glasses in a case to protect the lenses and maintain the quality of the wearing experience.

Soft case:

The soft design of our felt cases which are hand sewn in Sydney is a great option for those who have many things to carry around with them but not much space! Because of the soft design, the felt case will not take up room in your bag or drawers and is very flexible giving you room for your other personal items. The soft design of the felt case also means that it is super lightweight, who wants any extra weight in their bag? Most people worry about soft cases not being able to protect their glasses however, Dresden felt cases are specifically designed for Dresden glasses, as they are tough and durable so the main protection needed is the protection of the lenses.