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Polarised non-prescription sunglasses for everyone and everyday.

DresdenGO non-prescription polarised sunnies come with an extra set of clear frost frames to mix and match your look, extra pins, eco-felt case and lens cloth, ready to go!

Non-prescription Sunglasses
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What are sunglasses

Sunglasses, usually referred to as shades, are primarily used to shield your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV radiation may badly injure and damage your eyes, therefore it's crucial to make sure you shield them from it. The eyelid, cornea, retina, and eye lens are among the structures that might sustain injury. Sunglasses shield your eyes from UV rays, however eyeglasses improve eyesight, therefore that is the main distinction between the two. The lenses of your glasses may be produced with a prescription, thus sunglasses can also be purchased in a prescription version, allowing you to see properly through them while being protected from the sun.As it's crucial to shield your eyes from UV rays, we should always wear sunglasses—even on gloomy or snowy days. Because UV rays may damage the skin surrounding your eyes and cause skin cancer, it's crucial to wear your glasses on sunny days while you're outside to shield your eyes from these harmful rays.

What are polarized sunglasses

The use of polarising filters lowers glare by limiting the amount of light that enters your eyes and only allowing vertically reflected light to do so. Polarized lenses are excellent for outdoor activities because they provide 100% UV protection, minimise glare, improve contrast, and let you see more clearly. You can see through the glare thanks to polarization, which is the cross-filtering of light. Rotating a polarised lens causes the light to be filtered vertically rather than horizontally, allowing for variable colouration. Most lenses can have a single layer of polarisation put to the front of them. Opticians often advise using polarised sunglasses because they help users see more clearly, especially drivers and anyone who spend a lot of time outside.

Will sunglasses suit my face?

Due to the wide variety of designs and colours available, finding the ideal pair of sunglasses can be challenging. Despite the fact that knowing your face shape is a great place to start, you may choose the best shape of sunglasses for you based on it. You are one of the lucky ones if you have an oval face shape! People with oval faces often complement most frame styles of spectacles, so you have many options to pick from. If your face is round, it is advised that you use angular or rectangular frames to counterbalance the roundness of your face. If you have a square face, you can choose rounder or oval-shaped spectacles to emphasise your features. You could also discover that your face has a heart-shaped form; in this case, choosing sunglasses with an oval shape that is slightly rounded is the ideal choice for those with heart-shaped features. Due to Dresden's universal form, our sunglasses may be customised to fit a variety of facial shapes. To locate the glasses that fit your face the best, you may choose from four different sizes. You have the choice to choose polarised or non-polarized versions of our sunglasses, depending on your preferences.