Michael’s story


Michael was something of an expert at breaking his glasses – until his mum discovered Dresdens.

What are your names?

Michael, 10, and mum Vanessa (speaking).

Where do you live in?

Ashfield in  Sydney, Australia.

How did you first hear about Dresden?

I admired Dresden glasses on a friend and he told me about the company.

What made you interested in giving the glasses a try?

Michael kept breaking his glasses – especially the hinges. Dresden put him in glasses within 24 hours, unlike other places.

What do you like about them?

The cost, and the fact the frames are robust.

How many pairs of Dresden glasses does Michael have?

Two pairs, plus an extra set of arms.

Tell us about buying Michael’s first pair.

It was pretty straightforward in the shop. Michael started with reading glasses, and now has multifocals as well.

What colour or colours are Michael’s frame front and frames arms?

Brown frame with olive arms. Dark blue frames and arms, plus a set of red arms for when he wants to mix things up. Michael selects and styles his own frames and arms.

What’s your opinion about the quality of the lenses?

Michael seems to like them.

What do you think about the cost of the frames and lenses?

Love the value.

Sustainability is at the core of Dresden’s business – which part of their recycling and reusing efforts most appeals to you?

I really like the work Dresden did with ocean nets.

How resilient are Michael’s glasses to being bumped and dropped?

Better than anything else we’ve tried.

What does Michael like most about his Dresden glasses?

That they are modular and he can change them when he wants to.

Have you recommended these glasses to anyone else?

Other mums.