Lola’s story

This young Dresden-ite rocks her colourful, lightweight specs, whether she’s in the classroom or running around the sports field. (She doesn’t notice the top-quality lenses, but her mum does.)

What are your names?

Lola, 9, and mum Angela (speaking, who also wears Dresdens).

Where do you live in?

Marrickville in Sydney, Australia.

How did you first hear about Dresden?

Through a friend who works there. Both Lola and I loved being some of those who road tested Dresdens prototype frames.

What made you interested in giving the glasses a try?

The philosophy behind the Dresden, the design, and fabulous colours.

What do you like about them?

They are lightweight, and the frames are colourful and changeable. The sizing options are great too.

How many pairs of Dresden glasses does Lola have?

Seven and counting!

Tell us about buying Lola’s first pair.

She got both clear lenses and sunglasses from the Newtown store. Because she has a very strong prescription the lens quality was really important to me and I wasn’t disappointed! Lola loved the huge colour choice.

What colours are Lola’s frame front and frames arms?

Light blue, dark blue arms, red, yellow, dark purple and bright orange. Next up is probably a cobalt blue or violet combo.

What’s your opinion about the quality of the lenses?

The quality is incredible! The staff were amazing with making sure Lola’s lenses were as thin as possible – so good seeing as her prescription is so strong.

What do you think about the cost of the frames and lenses?

Really affordable. Because Lola’s lenses are at the more expensive end, given her prescription, we love that for very little cost, she can have so many different coloured frames swap the lenses around in.

Sustainability is at the core of Dresden – which part of the recycling and reusing efforts most appeals to you?

All of it!

How resilient are the glasses to being bumped and dropped?

Very. We haven’t had a broken or damaged pair of Dresdens, ever. Lola wears her glasses all day, every day, and during sport.

What do you and Lola like most about your Dresden glasses?

The ability to change the frame colours and the modern design.

Have you recommended these glasses to anyone else? If so, who and why?

Yes! People on the street stop Lola all the time and admire her glasses. We tell them about the philosophy behind Dresden and the changeable colour frames.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank goodness for Dresden! We all wear them in our family and love them.