Anke’s story

Anke recommends Dresdens to people whenever she can. Why? Frames that "stand out from the crowd", a sweet price point – and serious sustainability cred. This is mindful design at its best.

Where do you live?

Brookvale in the Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.

What do you do for a job?

Self-employed at The Made Up Mum. In a nutshell, I am a makeup artist and wellness coach, and I educate people about what’s in the products they put onto their skin and into their bodies. I provide solutions for them to achieve health/beauty from the inside out.

How did you first hear about Dresden?

I met a lady at a workshop who had the most fabulous aqua-coloured glasses. She told me about Dresden and after that, I kept seeing people with these awesome frames. You can always pick out Dresdens. They just stand out from the crowd.

What made you interested in giving the glasses a try?

Apart from the fact that they look super-cool, I was pretty amazed by the price point. I’ve been wearing glasses since age four and have only ever been able to afford new specs every 2-3 years because they usually set me back at least $1000. So to be able to get a pair of glasses and sunnies for a fraction of that, kind of blew me away.

What do you like about them?

Obviously, the price point is a big winner. But I absolutely love the fact that they are made from recycled materials and are so durable. I am very conscious of my environmental footprint, so to be able to wear sustainable eyewear is really exciting. And of course, it is so playful with all the colours. I always wanted a drawer filled with frames to suit my mood/colour scheme, and now it’s finally a reality!

How many pairs of Dresden glasses do you have?

I have four pairs so far, which includes two limited editions and one pair of sunnies.

Tell us about buying your first pair.

My first pair was a completely different look for me – a pastel colour. I went into the shop for an eye test, and picking a frame was super-hard because there are so many choices and I wanted them all! But the team was incredibly helpful (and patient). For my sunnies, I went for a bright orange combo.

What colours are your frame front and frame arms? Which other colours do you have or are tempted to try?

I have the two limited editions: wood composite and money frames. I have kept the arms the same. My combo that gets the most comments is a dark blue front with canary yellow arms. My orange sunnies also make quite a statement. I would love a plain white and black frame, and will continue to add to my colour collection in both fronts and arms.

What’s your opinion about the quality of the lenses?

Lens quality is great too. No scratches or anything, and I couldn’t believe how quickly they produce them.

What do you think about the cost of the frames and lenses?


Sustainability is at the core of Dresden – which part of the recycling and reusing efforts most appeals to you?

I love all the sustainability efforts on Dresden’s part. It proves that design and sustainability can go hand in hand, and hopefully, it inspires others to be more mindful in their shopping habits.

How resilient are your glasses to being bumped and dropped?

They are so good. I do have a bad habit of not being gentle and careful with my glasses. They have been dropped on hard floors, thrown in my bag, etc, and there’s no sign of wear and tear.

What do you like most about your Dresden glasses?

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on my specs. I love it!

Have you recommended these glasses to anyone else? If so, who and why?

Absolutely and all the time. If someone so much as looks at my glasses, I tell them all about them. Having spent a small fortune on my glasses in the past, I think of it as ‘paying it forward’ when I share Dresden with them.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I always tell people about the amazing customer service, too. They are all incredibly friendly and helpful, but also so committed to the brand and everything it stands for. I am so grateful to have come across Dresden, and can’t imagine ever wearing any other frames again.