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Tote Bags

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Tote Bags
  1. Tote Bags

What Are Our Tote Bags Made Of?

Our tote bags are made from 100% hemp material. At Dresden, we take extra care to make sure that all of our products are environmentally friendly, which is why we have designed our tote bags to be made out of hemp. Hemp is a natural plant fibre, this means that it comes from the stem of a plant much like linen for example.

What can tote bags be used for?

Our tote bags which are made from 100% hemp material can be used to carry all of your Dresden accessories in one place! We wouldnt want you to loose all those pieces why so not keep them all together? Use our tote bag to store your Dresden parts like your pins, felt cases and spare frames and arms! Keep them all in once place so you can find them easily when you want to switch up your look.

Why are tote bags so popular?

The main benefit of tote bags being more environmentally friendly why they are widely used. Tote bags are a great method to limit the amount of plastic that we use, which is something that we all want to accomplish. Tote bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags since you may reuse them frequently rather than discarding them after use. Another reason for why they are so popular is because they are super light weight and a great alternative for plastic bags as they come in many different patterns which you can pick and choose from to show off your style!