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Cleaning Cloths

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Cleaning Cloths
  1. Cleaning Cloths
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What is the Best Cloth to Clean Eyeglasses With?

The greatest option for cleaning and drying that is both efficient and damage-free is a microfiber cloth. But, a filthy one might make your grime worse rather than better, so wash your eyeglass cleaning cloths frequently and treat them like reusable handkerchiefs.

Is it okay to wash your glasses cloth?

The cloth used to clean your glasses may be reused if you wash it frequently. It should not be difficult to wash and reuse repeatedly, as long as you are using a high-quality cloth. Cleaning widens the spaces between fibres, making it easier to remove dust and debris from your lenses.

Do microfibre cloths scratch glasses?

Although these items may seem gentle to you, if wiped too violently, they can damage lenses and frequently leave fragments of themselves behind. Avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softener while washing and drying towels and microfiber clothing. They can leave a residue on the fabric that smudges your lenses.