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The retina is a laminated tissue which has 3 different functional layers. The photoreceptor layer is the outermost layer and it’s made from rods and cones. This layer transforms the light’s energy into the electrical signals to be processed and sent to the brain to complete vision. The centre of the retina is also called “the macula” and it is the place where central vision and detailed vision happens. Both the cornea and our natural lens focus light onto the retina. Sometimes patients require contact lenses and glasses to help with this process. These structures and the vitreous body that fills the centre of the eye need to be clear in order for the light to reach the retina. The most common problem interfering with this process is cataract, an opacification of the lens. The retina usually looks red or orange as there are many blood vessels in it. It is light-sensitive and if this layer of tissue is not fully healthy, you may not be able to see.