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Ophthalmologists are medical doctors that specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision issues. In addition to the services of optometrists, ophthalmologists provide eye care surgeries and follow-up eye care. Ophthalmologists also can diagnose and treat all types of eye problems. The difference between ophthalmologists and optometrists is their level of training and their capability to diagnose and treat. Ophthalmologists pursue 12 or more years of a degree and training to be able to provide in-depth surgical processes for eye diseases. They usually study for a four-year university degree then at least eight years of additional medical training. This particular and comprehensive training allows them to diagnose and treat. They are trained especially to care for all types of eye conditions and problems while some of ophthalmologists specialise in a specific area of surgical eye care or medical eye care. The ophthalmologists who specialise in this specific eye care or medical eye care are named “sub-specialists”. All ophthalmologists perform various tests to examine if a person has a specific eye-related condition or problems and decide if it requires a regular eye exam.