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Thursday, 20 June 2024

How To Clean Your Glasses The Right Way

Rubbing your glasses with a dry microfiber cloth can actually damage your lenses when you clean your glasses with a dry cloth, this redistributes grease and rubs microscopic debris that can actually damage your lenses. This is why it is important to make sure that you are cleaning your glasses the right way at all times in order to avoid damaging your lenses and save them from getting scratched and in order to make sure that your glasses last you a long time to save you money in the longer run. Instead of rubbing your glasses with a dry cloth, you can begin to clean your glasses by running your glasses under lukewarm water for around 15 seconds, this helps to displace and dislodge excess grime. Once you have rinsed your glasses, add a small amount of lotion-free dish soap to the front and back of the lenses and lightly rub it in with the tips of your fingers, make sure to do this gently so you can clean the nose pads, the hinges, and other parts of your glasses before giving your glasses a final rinse. It is also important to be sure to not over-soap your glasses, leftover soap can cause residue which can cause skin irritation and damage your lens coating. Finally, lightly shake your glasses over the basin before finishing them off with a dry microfibre cloth. You can use this dish wash technique to clean all of your eyewear glasses, including your blue light filter glasses, and prescription glasses.

Good lens care can prolong your glass's life cycle, and help keep the coating on your lens that reflects light from crazing, crazing is the term that is used to describe peeling off of the lens coat. Even though it is tempting and easy to reach, you should avoid using your clothes to clean your glasses like the end of the t-shirt of your sweatshirt. Otherwise, you can scratch your lenses with the tiny fibers in the fabric. You should also avoid using your saliva to clean your glasses too as it is completely unhygienic and will simply not clean your glasses very well.

You may also opt for lenses cleanser sprays which are sold over the counter that also come with a microfibre cloth to clean your glasses if you prefer but the best solution to get the grease, dirt, and smudges off your glasses is to clean them with lotion free dish soap as it is specifically designed to break up grease from any given surface. You can use the dish wash technique to clean all parts of your glasses including the nose pads, nose pads is the area of the glasses that gets the most greasy due to where it sits on the face, and the nose tends to be the greasiest area of the face for most people.

If you wish to use a glasses cleanser rather than using a lotion free dish soap, then you may follow these instructions in order to make sure that you are using the correct method when doing so. Hold your glasses about 15 cm away from the spray and spray directly onto both sides of your glasses, making sure to get the lenses and the frames wet with the spray. You should avoid wetting the glasses and lens too much as it will make it difficult to dry it down with your cloth and leave excess spray on your glasses. Once you have wet each side of your glasses including both sides of each lens and the frames, you can begin to dry it off with your microfibre cloth. Most of the time the sprays that are sold for glasses cleaning come with a microfibre cloth, if yours has not then make sure that the cloth you are using is a microfibre cloth. Use the cloth to dry down your glasses lens in a circular motion gently, you may rub slightly which will help release the grease off from your lens and dry it clear. Once you have dried the lenses of your glasses, you can move on to drying down the frame and arms of your glasses, make sure to avoid holding your glasses where your fingers will be in contact with the lenses as this will leave smudge marks on your lenses which will mean that you have to start the whole process again. Rub the frame of your glasses dry with the microfibre cloth gently and gliding motions, this leaves your frames looking squeaky clean and shiny as new!