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Sunday, 16 June 2024
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Are you always asking “why are my glasses always slipping?” Your glasses can help you with a lot of things, helping you see, protecting your eyes from harmful blue light, and UV rays - though one of the most annoying things your can experience with your glasses are them slipping down your nose. The reason for your glasses slipping down your nose can vary, it can be caused because of natural oils that your nose produces thus making it a slippery area which makes your glasses slip down your nose. The area of the nose that touches the nose pad gets the most oil so it is healthy to use oil-free cleansing on your face. If you have dry skin this may not be an option for you as you will need oil cleansing face wash to balance out the dry skin that is on your face so you should take this into consideration. Another option also is to use oil blotches, these are very thin face tissues that soak up the excess oil that is on your skin, you can use these tissues during the day to blot out the excess oil from your face, so if using an oil cleansing face wash isn't an option for you then you should opt for the oil batches.

Why are my glasses always slipping?

There can be many reasons why your glasses could be slipping down your nose; one of the main reasons for this is because of ill-fitting glasses. If you have chosen glasses which are too narrow or too wide, then this will cause your glasses to slip as they do not fit properly on your face. Although you may think that when you first bought your glasses that were fitting perfectly for you, as we use our glasses they can widen. This is caused by the way we can store our glasses, if you place your glasses on the top of your head while you are not using them, this will widen the arms of your glasses over time, thus causing them to slip down your face. Taking care not to place your glasses on the top of your head while you are not using them will help prevent your glasses from slipping down your face, instead, you should store your glasses in their case when you are not using them. If you have found that your glasses have loosened up and are causing your glasses to slip you can take them to your opticians where they can tighten the screws of your glasses in order to stop them from slipping from your nose. Alternatively, you can also purchase glasses tightening kits, which come with a small screwdriver that you can use to tighten the screw.

How do I keep my glasses from slipping down?

Some glasses come with nose pads, these nose pads can be squeezed together slightly to tighten your glasses which will stop your glasses from slipping down your nose. When you squeeze your nose pads closer together, this will give a firmer grip on your nose which helps with the slipping of your glasses down your nose. You can also use heat to stop your glasses from slipping down your face. The end of your glasses temples is what holds your glasses on your face. You can heat up the end of these temples, the bent area that falls right behind your ear, with your hair dryer. Be careful not to heat it up too much as you can burn yourself, once you have heated the end of the temples you can bend it easier. Bend them slightly to give the temples a sharper bend which will help them stay on your face without slipping. This will create a firmer handle around your ears so that your glasses won't slip down.

Making sure that you clean your glasses regularly can also help prevent your glasses from slipping down your nose. Your skin produces natural oils which will transfer onto the area of your glasses which sit on your nose which will cause them to slip down your face. Using lukewarm water and dish soap to clean your glasses will help with the prevention of your glasses from slipping down your face.

Glasses chain

A fashionable way to keep your spectacles from sliding down your nose is using eyeglass chains. Although you might think of eyeglass chains as an accessory that grandmothers use, there are many trendy and fashionable styles that are available that you can find to fit your personality and style.

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