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    Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is a critical eye condition that arises when your retina pulls away from it’s normal position. Symptoms might not be shown if a small part of the retina is detached, while when a larger part is detached, your vision might change and you may notice some other symptoms such as:

  • A lot of new floaters
  • Light flashes in a single eye or both eyes
  • A “curtain”-like dark shadow in the middle or on the sides of your vision

This condition is a medical emergency and you would need to visit an ophthalmologist or an emergency room once you have these symptoms confirmed by an optometrist.

The symptoms of retinal detachment often come fast. If you don’t treat the retinal detachment right away, more of the retina can detach — this will increase the risk of blindness or permanent vision loss. You can quickly see the symptoms of retinal detachment and it’s important to treat it right away to avoid these risks. This detachment of the retina is frequently caused by the changes of the jelly inside the eye and these changes are usually related to aging which is called “Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD)”. Posterior Vitreous Detachment can lead to retinal detachment and there is no specific reason for it. But it’s better to keep in mind that it is more likely to arise if you:

  • Are short-sighted
  • Have had an eye operation (such as cataract surgery)
  • Have had an eye injury
  • Have a family history of retinal detachment