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    Pain Behind Eye

Pain Behind Eye

What causes pain behind the eye?

Pain behind the eye can happen because of various reasons, including migraine and sinus infections and other eye conditions that are related to the blood vessels and iris in the eye. The pain that you may feel behind your eye is unfortunately a non-specific symptom, which means that it can be hard to find the exact reason behind the pain as there can be many reasons. However one of the most common reasons for pain that is caused behind the eye is because of strain on the eye. A strained eye is a common problem as it is mainly caused by being exposed to bright computer screens, and phone screens. Strained eyes are also common among those who drive long distances. Other common cause of pain behind the eye is migraine and sinus infection as it creates pressure behind the eye. Surprisingly, dental problems can also be a cause for pain that is related to the back of the eye, this is because there are nerve branches that reach from the jaw to the eye area.

How do I get rid of pain behind my eye?

There can be many ways to treat pain behind the eye including some home remedies like eye exercises. The most common exercise you can do is the 20-20-20 method. This exercise helps to bring back focus and releases tension within the eye, allowing it to relax, especially if there has been a lot of strain on the eye. You can also consult your local chemist regarding this pain and can be given over-the-counter medications to help release this pain like pain killers, and ibuprofen.