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Eye floaters are the small spots that float across your vision and they have a dark shape. The floaters move within your eyes, if you try to look at them, they might seem moving away. Floaters might look like threads, cobwebs or spots and they usually can be noticed when you are looking at something bright like sky or sun, or any light.

Most people have upcoming floaters but luckily they usually don’t need any treatment. But still, it’s better to be cautious as in some cases, floaters might turn into serious eye conditions. In case you notice floaters that don’t go away, it is recommended to advise an eye doctor about your condition. Eye floaters are usually caused by age related changes in your vitreous which makes your eyes more liquid. Your vitreous changes over time and it partially liquefies. Generally, people don’t notice floaters until they become numerous or prominent. Note that floaters may be the sign that there might be a problem in your retina.