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    Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises

How to improve your vision naturally with eye exercises?

Eye exercises are a simple activity that few people do, however they can help you maintain excellent vision. It is also an important exercise for those who work by looking at screens. Eye exercises improve vision by strengthening your eye muscles, it also helps you focus and aids your brain’s vision centre. The more often these exercises are done, the better you will become at learning to control your eye muscles and see the way you should. The exercises that you do will strengthen your eye muscles that usually are not used, triggering blood circulation and muscle tone. The more toned your eye muscles are, the sharper your vision will be, the toning in your eye muscles will also help to decrease eye strain, which gives your eye the ability to work more efficiently.

What are the eye exercises to improve vision?

There are many exercises you can do to help improve your vision including eye yoga eye exercises. Here are some of the exercises you can do to help stimulate blood circulation and help develop the muscles tones in your eye; Blinking exercise: When you are focused on your computer screen, phone screen, or tv, you tend to blink less, that is why it is important to do blinking exercises. Doing fast-blinking exercises will help with dry eyes. The 20-20-20 exercise: When you catch yourself focused on something, you can stop every 20 minutes and focus on something else that is 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds. This promotes the focus muscles in your eye. Palms for relaxation: you can gently use the inside of your palms to cover your eyes until all the images you see turn black, this should take around 30 seconds. Movements: use your finger to create a really big figure eight that is laying sideways in front of your eyes. Follow your finger with your eyes, this promotes the use of muscles deeper within your eyes which sharpens your eyesight.

How to do yoga eye exercises?

You can use the zooming method to apply yoga exercises on your eyes, if you sit yourself down somewhere with many items at different distances and start by focusing on the furthest item away from you and slowly after a few seconds, move your focus to an item that is a closer to you. Once you have focused on this item, after a few seconds you should focus on something that is really close to you like your thumb. Once you have finished these steps, repeat these focus movements but backwards, starting from your thump and moving further away. This exercise is most effective when it is repeated for 2 minutes. Eye rolling is also an effective eye yoga method to improve and sharpen your vision. In order to complete these steps you should make sure to be sitting in a straight and relaxed way. Start by looking straight up, then to the right slowly, downwards, and then to the left. All these steps should be done in slow motions, and once completed it is effective if you repeat these steps in clockwise and anticlockwise motions.