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The Dresden glasses frame system

Dresden comes at eyewear in a totally different way. We’ve designed simple, modular prescription glasses frames with a single classic shape that’s oh so versatile. Everything’s interchangeable: the lenses, the frame parts (which come in a range of sizes and a riot of colours) and even the pins.

Our main range of trendy glasses frames is made from an ultra-durable, recyclable nylon, which is lightweight and beautifully comfortable – plus we’re doing all sorts of creative things with upcycling waste materials.

Customise your prescription glasses frames

+ Choose your colour or colours.

Don’t hold back. This is as close as you’ll get to being that kid in the candy store. There’s something for everyone… red glasses, yellow glasses, blue, white and more. Who says you have to stop at one pair of glasses, anyway?

+ Snap in a pair of pins.

No fiddly screwdrivers needed – just press them in and out with a satisfying snap. They couldn’t be easier to change.

+ Pop in any type of lens.

Changing lenses takes a bit of practice and nimble fingers, but it’s simple once you’ve mastered it. Push one lens out, click another back in. One moment you’re in work mode, the next you’re rocking a pair of prescription sunglasses that will turn heads.

Dresden Glasses

Why we are crazy about colour

I mean, look at these gorgeous things. With our 18 standard colours, plus some I mean, look at these gorgeous things. With our 18 standard colours, plus some special limited-edition colours, you can change out frame and arm colours depending on your mood or outfit each day. In fact, co-founder Jason McDermott says he often thinks about new colour combos that will have to wait until his wardrobe catches up with his eyewear range!

We can’t do one-off colours, though – that’s because our extrusion plastic machine requires enough raw material for several hundred pairs to swap to a new colour.

Here’s what we offer

Glasses made while you wait.

We stock a range of powers of single-vision lenses made with precision German optics. This means if you’ve a straightforward prescription we can cut your lenses and assemble your prescription glasses on the spot. (Some lenses, such as progressive multifocal or desk lenses, will take a bit longer as they’re tailored in the lab to your specific needs.)

The unmatchable quality of our lenses.

All Dresdens are fitted with precision German-designed lenses, without the eye-watering mark-ups. We offer an extensive range for all requirements

Australian made.

The frames are our design and are made in Australia.

10 year frame warranty.

If the frame breaks for whatever reason get in touch with us and we'll arrange a free replacement.

Lifetime supply of free pins.

Want to change colours or need some replacements? Pins are free anytime. Just drop us a line.