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Tuesday, 3 January 2023
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Have you been all around the shops this year realising you have picked up at least one of these gifts previously? Dresden’s revolutionary concept gives you options to gift like no other year before! Why not treat your loved ones this Christmas with a gift that they need? At Dresden we offer a wide range of gifting options, the choice is yours.

Gifting with Dresden can be unique, it is the perfect Christmas gift for men and women, you can create a variety of products which they will need and use daily! At Dresden, we have come together to offer you the perfect gift guide, step by step, we’ve done the hard work so you can relax and focus on the fun part!

Step 1:

Start by selecting colourful arms for your mate’s Dresdens, it can be any colour you think they’ll like. The arms of the glasses frame the face, so you can either go fun with a colour you think brings out their funkiness like Power Pink and Tangerine Orange, or you can also select one of our more subtle colours like Clear Frost or Denim Blue.

Step 2:

Now the second step is to select the ‘frame front’ of the glasses, there is never a right or wrong answer at Dresden, this is what makes gifting so unique and fun here. You can select any of the frame colours that you find suitable for your selected arms. We just may have the widest range of frame colours on the planet! And they’re sustainable! Dresden glasses are made from 100% recyclable and recycled materials. Bingo! Why not treat your mates to one of the latest (back by popular demand) collections: Money Frames; they’re literally made from recycled banknotes!!

Step 3:

So, now we have the arms in one hand and frames in the other, you may be wondering how on earth are these arms going to attach to these frames. Ha! That is where our pins come in. We have a selection of two sets of pins, both come with 10 different pin colour options which can be mixed and matched all day on Christmas! Our two selections of pin collections come in; Rainbows, and Neutral. The Rainbow collection would be ideal for those who prefer to have fun with mixing colours, whereas the Neutral collection is rather more for the good old simple ones.

Step 4:

Okay now the glasses are complete, they’re all ready to go! But we just need to add the cherry on the top with a few bits and bobs. Complete your present with one of our felt cases for ultimate protection and aesthetics ;).

Step 5:

This step is for those who are still indecisive about which choice to make, it’s okay. We have you covered with our Dresden gift cards. You may select any amount you like to give your loved ones the option to choose for themselves *wink wink*, definitely not because you couldn’t decide.

Some facts for the record;

What is the most commonly given Christmas gift?

The most commonly given Christmas gift is actually a gift card, phew, we are all together in this. Gift cards are easy gifts because they give flexibility and are commonly a safe option to be gifting. Gift cards usually come with a long-term use policy and are therefore bound to be used in a useful way, it's just one of those gifts that you can't go wrong with - like socks. Coming in strong in second place is obviously a pair of Dresden glasses, we did not make that up. It’s true.

What do you get someone for Christmas that has everything?

Okay, this one is like a riddle so it's easy to remember. The 5 gift rule for Christmas is; something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read, and Dresdens. Okay okay, the 5th one may be a bit of a fib. However, in retrospect it could still count; the fifth gift rule for Christmas is something they need or want but they don't even know it - it’s that unexpected gift that you never knew you needed or wanted so much. Want could include something like toys, and legos. As for need, this would fall under the category of items such as new bedding, or sports equipment. Something to wear is self-explanatory, this would include gifts like pyjamas, and slippers. The fourth rule of something to read could be something like a subscription to their favourite magazine, or the classic world record book.

What is the 3 Christmas gift rule?

The three Christmas gift rule is;

  • There are no rules!
  • Put some logic and thought into it, if they have specifically asked for something then that would be a good place to start, if not then the freedom is all yours.
  • And finally, have fun, gifting should not be stressful.

All the better to see you with