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Thursday, 20 October 2022
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One of the things that brings us so much joy at Dresden is seeing customers visit our stores and find a pair of frames that truly reflects their personality and individual style. This may be a case of trying each and every one of our 20+ colours before narrowing it down to a winner (or two), or experimenting with the 400+ possible colour configurations you can get when mixing frames and arms.

The key thing is that the customer goes away with not just any old pair of glasses, but a pair that they’re going to wear with pride.

But what about online shoppers?

For a long time, shopping for glasses online has meant you’d forgo the ability to try-before-you-buy in favour of convenience. Here at Dresden, we didn’t want our customers to have to make this compromise; so, we searched for a solution that would unlock the best of both worlds.

Introducing: Virtual Try-On

We’ve been able to achieve both convenience plus the ability to try-before-you-buy thanks to the power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Through AR, we’ve created a virtual try-on tool that enables customers to trial our colourful range of prescription glasses, blue light glasses and sunglasses on the Dresden Vision website via their phone, laptop or tablet. Through the device’s camera, the virtual try-on tool overlays a digital pair of Dresden Glasses onto the user’s face. These digital glasses are responsive to movement, enabling the user to move around as if they’re looking in a mirror in order to see how the frames will look at different angles. The best part is that the tool also enables you to play around with mixing different colour frames and arms. With a simple click, you can experiment with countless colour combinations to find a unique pair that matches your vibe.

How to use the tool

On the Dresden Vision website, navigate to whichever product category you’re interested in (prescription, blue light, sunglasses). From this page, you’ll find a ‘Virtual Try-On’ button either by hovering over one of listed glasses, or clicking into their individual product pages. After clicking the button, the virtual try-on tool will open and ask for camera permissions. Once accepting permissions, you’ll be able to use the tool by simply selecting the frame colour and arm colour (if you’d like to mix it up) of your choice. You can also use the photo feature to take a snap of you rocking your frames for future reference or to send to a friend to get their opinion on which colour suits you best.

Just the beginning

The release of the virtual try-on feature is just the beginning of how we look to enhance the experience we offer our online customers. Over time we continue to improve upon the try-on tool and also look to launch new features that will make it easier for shoppers to find their perfect pair of frames, online.