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Tuesday, 20 September 2022
Say hello to DresdenGO

We’ve been champing at the bit to share some very exciting news with our community!! This October we’re launching a new range of protective eyewear designed to meet our emergent global conditions. The world is changing at a rate of knots. We’re living in a period where climate change, digitalisation and screen culture are omnipresent in our lives. These factors are having a big effect on one of our most precious assets: our eyes.

The DresdenGO range is made for a broad audience, beyond prescription glasses, with three core products: blue light glasses, sunglasses and ready reading glasses. They’re designed, manufactured and assembled in Australia using either recycled or recyclable materials. All DresdenGO glasses feature our classic universal frame shape helping us to drive down production costs and waste—benefiting both you and the planet. They’re built to last and come with our famous 10-year frame warranty.

So what’s the ‘go’ with “GO”? We chose the name “DresdenGO” because this range is built to be ready to use right out of the box, without a prescription. All DresdenGO glasses come with a 100% recycled felt case, an extra set of arms so you can mix and match your colours, spare colourful pins and a 100% recycled cleaning cloth. All you need, packaged up, ready to go.

Our friends and fam know our story well. We launched Dresden Vision out of a tiny storage unit 8 years ago in Newtown, Sydney. We were a group of Aussies, driven by a shared discontentment with the state of prescription eyewear. Glasses had become over-complicated and unnecessarily expensive with fashion being prioritised over utility. So, we set out to create an alternative.

We made an affordable, sustainable, durable and customisable frame; and opened a bunch of stores where people could experience exceptional eye care, with inclusive, frank and transparent customer service and pricing. To make things convenient and fast, we also learned how to glaze lenses in-house.

Dresden Vision glasses are found on faces the world over, and we’re continuing to launch fresh colours, open new stores and innovate with sustainable production methods. We’re busy continuing to disrupt the prescription eyewear market, and we’ve identified this new challenge: a next generation of eyewear needs.