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Wednesday, 19 June 2024
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How To Find The Right Glasses

Choosing the right pair of frames for your glasses can be difficult, especially if it is your first time or if you are switching out your frame after using your previous pair for a while as it can take some time to adjust to the look of new frames. Though it is particularly important to make sure that you pick out the perfect pair of frames to ensure that you look your best, and feel the most comfortable in your glasses. Ideally, the width of your frames should be as wide as the widest point of your face below the brow line, and the arms should not make contact with the skin until just before the ear to ensure ultimate comfort. If your frames are too wide they will slip down your nose and will also decentre the eyes which can have an impact on your vision. If your frames are too narrow, the arms will splay outwards and make contact with the side of the head which will cause pressure and thus your glasses will slip down your face. Another key factor to keep an eye out for when choosing your frames is the bridge of the glasses, this is the area which sits on the nose. If you are opting for an acetate or a plastic frame, the bridge should make full contact with the nose, there shouldn't be any areas or gaps between the glasses and the skin around your nose. If you have a frame with nose pads, they should be completely aligned with the slope of your nose, there should be no need to pinch them in too wide. Ultimately, your eyes should be centred horizontally in the frame for the best possible vision, if your eyes are off-centre then this can impact your quality of vision. Dresdens have a unique design that suits all, the universal shape of the frames can fit most wearers and they also come in four different sizes in order to fit your face shape best!

How to choose glasses frame: 

When picking out your frames, one of the most important factors that you should consider is the shape of your face. Everybody has a different face shape and determining which shape face you have is a good start to picking out your glasses. Look in a mirror and see which parts of your face are more rounded, and which parts of your face have a sharper edge, you need to know this because it will help determine what frame is best suitable for you. There are typically four main face shapes; oval, heart face, round, and square. If your face shape is round - you will have full cheeks and a rounded chin. It is best recommended that those who have a rounder shaped face, choose an angular or rectangular frame. If your face shape is square you will have a well defined jawline, cheeks and forehead. It is recommended that those who have a square shaped face, choose more rounded or oval shaped glasses to bring out the best of your features. If your face shape is oval you will have a curved jawline with high cheekbones. Those who have an oval face shape are considered to be the luckiest in the glasses industry. This is because most frame shapes will suit your face shape perfectly so you have the most options and can pick any frame shape which you desire! If you have a heart face shape, you will have a broad forehead and high cheekbones with a smaller chin. If this is the case, then oval and lightly rounded glasses will be the best option for you to extenuate your face shape.

How to know your face shape:

Finding your face shape can be tricky, though it is important to find out which face shape you have to ensure you find the most complementing and best fitting glasses frame for you! Follow the guide below to help you determine your face shape; start by taking a measuring tape or ruler and begin by measuring your face length, after you have measured the length of your face measure your face head width, and then the width of your cheekbones, after you have measured these areas of your face you should finally measure your jaw - start from the most angled edge to the tip of your chin and multiply that number by two. If all of those measurements are fairly similar and you have a sharp jawline then this means you have a square face shape. If the measurement of your face length is the largest and all the other measurements are smaller but similar then this means you have an oblong face shape. If you have found that your forehead is larger than your jawline and you have a pointed chin then this means that you have a heart shaped face. Triangle face shapes have larger jawline features with even smaller cheekbones and even smaller forehead. Diamond face shapes have the cheekbones at the widest point, followed by the forehead and then your jawline. If you have an oval face then your forehead is larger than your jawline and your face length is larger than your cheekbone. If your cheekbones and face length are similar but are larger than your forehead and jawline which are also similar then this means that you have a round face shape.