Our happy habit

Waste reduction plays a part in all Dresden’s decisions, because we want to be good ‘product stewards’. Ours is a zero-waste, closed-loop manufacturing system. We recycle our plastic manufacturing waste by cutting it up (granulating it) and feeding it right back in.

We’re stoked about our waste reduction record so far: we’ve saved 436kg of plastic from going into landfill. At 25g per Dresden frame, that’s more than 17,000 frames!

Typically, plastic manufacturing also creates waste by-products such as ‘runner’ systems and ‘purged’ materials – both of which we can capture and reuse. For instance, instead of fully purging a machine of one colour before beginning another colour run, we keep the machine running. It creates ever-changing colour combos (known as transition colours) that are just as desirable as what’s in our regular palette.

And then there are the discarded plastics we take from beaches, shops and other random sources to make into glasses frames too. We love experimenting.

Little things make a big difference

Germans have a word for recycling, ‘Wiederverwertung’ – but it means more than that. The literal translation is “again finding value”. Through the material we choose, by recycling all our manufacturing waste and upcycling materials, we can again find value. It’s about lowering our environmental impact with thoughtful design and manufacturing decisions.

Super-low emissions

We knew that avoiding metals would help us keep CO2 emissions from our manufacturing process on the low side. But we were blown away when we found out our fully nylon frame and pin design results in a staggering 99% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared with traditional metal-hinged glasses. Yep, a 99% reduction. You read it right.

Using less

Typical frames from other manufacturers weigh around 50g. Dresden frames weigh LESS THAN HALF that, and when you’re done with them, we can recycle every last atom of the nylon they’re made from.

Non-Dresden frames are mostly made out of non-recyclable materials and because they are made out of mixed materials – like acetate and metal – that also makes them impossible to recycle.

Our packaging is made with high recycled content cardboard and is fully recyclable. Dresden glasses are flexible and tough enough so they only need one of our wool felt sleeves. No need for a heavy, bulky glasses case. We give you the option of buying a case instead of building it into the price too. It saves money AND waste. All much better for our planet.

You return, we learn

Our frames can take a lot of punishment, but they’re not indestructible. So if our frames do go kaput, we’ve got your back.

Ideally, bring in or post us the broken part. This way we can recycle it and keep it out of landfill. We’ll match it as closely as possible to your original, or you can choose a completely new colour.

If you can’t send us the part, instead send a photo. This is so we can learn what went wrong and keep improving the way we make our frames. We’re the manufacturers, after all, so the buck stops with us.