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Philomena's Story


Bright colours light up life (and make finding your glasses easier!) for this Australian sustainability pioneer.

Where do you live?

Fitzroy North in Melbourne, Australia.

What do you do for a job?

I run a sustainable farm-to-vase flower business called Bloombox Co.

How did you first hear about Dresden?

Firstly, I saw the giant Dresden truck parked at Smith Street. But then from a friend, who was raving about them and had bought three pairs in one go!

What made you interested in giving the glasses a try?

I was in desperate need of a quick glasses fix after (I think) I accidentally packed my $1000 glasses in a flower order and sent it off. It’s still a mystery where they’ve gone, to be honest!

Being a bit new to Melbourne, I only remembered Dresden as an option for getting replacements, so I got a friend to be ‘eyes’ and take me there. It was a Willy Wonka’s paradise of glasses!

What do you like about them?

My yellow pair is as bright as the sun. It breaks the vicious cycle of not being able to find my glasses, and needing to wear glasses to find my glasses.

How many pairs do you have?

Two at the moment. I’m desperate for sunnies!

Tell us about buying your first pair.

Easy peasy. I have single-vision glasses, and walked in and out of the store with two snappy pairs in a flash.

Which colours do you have?

I have a clear frosted pair with blue pins, and a bright yellow pair with fun mismatched yellow arms out of the transition drawer.

What’s your opinion about the quality of the lenses?

They’re great quality, and amazingly unscathed after all I put them through.

What do you think about the cost of the frames and lenses?

Perfect price point. If you come up with special-edition frames with patterns, I will go hard!

Sustainability is at the core of Dresden – which part of the recycling and reusing efforts most appeals to you?

As I run a sustainability-focused business too, the story that comes along with the glasses is totally appealing. Seeing the recycled materials your frames are made from is really very cool, and something I repeat to anyone who compliments the frames (and many people do!).

How resilient are your glasses to being bumped and dropped?

Extremely resilient. The only parts that seem to break are the pins, so it’s good to have a few up your sleeve.

What do you like most about your Dresden glasses?

I genuinely feel like people are nicer to me when I’m wearing my yellow pair. I even sometimes get discounts when I’m at the markets, and people can’t help but smile when they see them!

Have you recommended these glasses to anyone else? If so, who and why?

Friends, colleagues, strangers who compliment them. It’s a combination of the price point and the sustainability element that’s so compelling.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Funnily enough, I had an idea for a glasses start-up about eight years ago; I’m thrilled it’s been done, and so well! If you bring out limited-edition frames or artist collaborations, you’ll have one very happy fan right here.