Frames for a lifetime

Forget the usual one- or two-year warranties. We’re here for the long haul. We stand by our frames with a lifetime warranty.

To keep your frames looking like new, clean them every now and then with some soapy water and an old toothbrush for getting into the nooks and crannies.

Top tip: Don’t clean your frames with methylated spirits! It’s like Kryptonite to Superman, and it will crack them. (Our frames can take a lot of punishment, but they’re not indestructible.)

How to clean your Dresden frames
00 : 34 minutes

Getting your replacement frame

Like you, we prefer things to be simple and straightforward.

Ideally, bring in or post us the broken part. This way we can recycle it and keep it out of landfill. We’ll replace it with a colour as close as possible to your original, or you can choose a completely new colour.

If you can’t send us the part, instead send us a photo. This is so we can learn what went wrong and keep improving the way we make our frames. We’re the manufacturers, after all, so the buck stops with us.

We’ll cover postage on your replacement frame if you’re in Australia. If you’re outside Australia, we ask you to pay postage.

If it isn’t ‘broke’ but you still want to ‘fix’ it (ie. mix up your colour scheme), new parts are super-affordable – see here. Replacement pins are free!

Lens warranty

If your lenses don’t feel quite right, come back to us and we’ll work through a solution together.

Our lens coatings, eg. anti-reflective or blue filter, are covered for 12 months. Any issues, just let us know.