Dresden Canada now accepts cryptocurrency BTZ

So you can swap your old records for Dresdens

Dresden’s optometry workshops in Toronto now accepts BTZ cryptocurrency.

BTZ (pronounced bits) is the creation of massively popular Toronto trading site Bunz, which currently has more than 2 million items for trade. The addition of the BTZ cryptocurrency means members can use their trades to buy other goods – such as a new pair of Dresdens.

The best way to think of cryptocurrencies is like another form of money, but not controlled by governments or central banks. When a user trades on Bunz they can request to be paid in BTZ instead of swapping for another item. They can then use the BTZ to pay for other items — just like you’d use regular, old-fashioned money.

The coins are stored in a digital wallet that lives on your phone and Bunz assure us it is very secure.

Bunz was founded in the summer of 2013 by Emily Bitze as a secret Facebook group for trading things with her friends in Toronto. At first trades were made using old records and pasta sauce, and as invitations spread a community emerged, determined to make living in Canada’s largest city a little easier.

Today, the Bunz app is active in every major Canadian city and Bunz itself stands out as one of Canada’s up-and-coming startups, helping people get things they want, declutter their lives and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

See the Bunz website here for more information.

And you can check out Toronto’s Riverside and Little Italy stores

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