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Prescription glasses

Introducing a very special, limited-edition batch of Dresden frames made out of money. Yes, cold, hard recycled cash: Australian banknotes given a new outlook as a pair of Dresdens!

We’ve magicked up these world-first frames from the misprints, leftovers and wastage from Australian banknote manufacturing. Just like Aussie banknotes, Dresdens are made from ultra-durable plastic with homegrown technology and skills.

Don’t let a cent go to waste

We’re fighters in the #WarOnWaste and we take product stewardship seriously. We manufacture all of our frames, so we choose exactly how they’re made, and with what materials. We already have a zero-waste, closed-loop system for all our frame production, and we love finding more ways to give new life to waste materials and manufacture even more sustainably.

Why the greeny grey colour?

We’ve made these money frames from offcuts and misprints in a mixture of denominations – $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100s. They’ve been greyed out for security, melted down and pelletised ready for moulding and it turns out that’s the colour of money.

Frame Size
Arm Size

Our frames

No Women’s, Men’s or Kid’s, simply modular parts in four sizes, a riot of colours to choose from.


Made by us in Australia from Grilamid TR-90, a Swiss, ultra durable, lightweight and recyclable nylon.


  • Cleaning cloth
  • Recyclable cardboard case
  • Spare pins


Lifetime warranty on frames and arms. 
1-year warranty on scratch-resistant coatings.

Creation station

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